Interactive projection ›living floor‹ sets the mood for 300 years of German digital history

On 23.03.2023, #DeutschlandDigital, the new temporary exhibition at the Haus der Geschichte in Bonn, was ceremoniously opened. The digital revolution has triggered a radical, irreversible change that encompasses all areas of life. The current exhibition invites visitors to explore the history of digitalisation in Germany with its diverse international references. The exhibition kicks off with an interactively animated ›living floor‹ projection surface. Here, visitors immerse themselves in the binary number world that has come to life digitally using the original manuscript of the mathematician Leibniz from 1697 - the origin of digitization in Germany!

The interactive projection ›living floor‹ allows visitors to discover the historical zeros and ones from an original manuscript by the mathematician Leibnitz in matrix style. At first, however, a carpet of icons and emojis from the digital contemporary world appears. Only when actively displaced by means of touchless interactivity do visitors penetrate to Leibniz's historical foundations.

This ›living floor‹ has been implemented as an interactive double projection with high-luminosity laser projectors and stretches seamlessly over an area of 5.5m x 1.9m.

In addition, the exhibition offers further fascinating content such as the world of robots, chatbots and retro gaming, which visitors can discover and experience. 

"Germany Digital" at the Haus der Geschichte in Bonn is an exciting opportunity to discover the history and development of digital technology. 

We would like to thank the Haus der Geschichte team and graphic designer Ms Gringmuth for their great cooperation and wish them a successful exhibition!

Here you can find more information about the Haus der Geschichte and "Deutschland Digital": 

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