ISE 2013 amsterdam: eyevis omnishapes meet ›living wall‹

No other available video wall technology can be installed that flexibly and is also of such high quality in image reproduction as eyevis Omnishapes.
At their booth during the ISE 2013 in Amsterdam, the leading manufacturer eyevis together with vertigo systems impressively presented the creative possibilities for ›living wall‹ in combination with the special displays.
The presented interactive installation consisted of 64 omniSHAPE cubes. The larger-than-life installation reached over from the walkable ground to a wall, which was designed as a curved roof. The visitors completely immersed themselves in the vibrant scene. The seamless and high-resolution interactive digital content was delivered by vertigo systems’ ›beyond HD‹ system in 5-times HD-resolution. The interactive real-time graphics reacted touch-lessly and in precisely defined areas on each movement of the visitors, using an IR depth camera.

The example on the stand impressively demonstrates what types of interactive experience worlds can be created, if vertigo system's interactive technology ›beyond HD‹ and the design flexibility of eyevis Omnishapes are combined.

eyevis omniSHAPES


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