›magic globe‹ the world's largest mobile 360-degree projection dome!

›magic globe‹, because of its enormous size of 22 meters in diameter and a
360° all-round projection, is an amazing location for events, promotions or
as a stand-alone object for corporate events.

›magic globe‹
, thanks to its transparent material, is an attraction from out-
side and especially natural from inside.

›magic globe‹ offers room for up
to 400 people. Its magically lit exterior attracts visitors towards its glow,
visible from a great distance.

›magic globe‹
can be individually customized to accommodate your adver-
tising message or design.

›magic globe‹ creates spectacular HD picture worlds with breathtaking
special effects via 3D animation, videos and also live video-input like TV.
Thanks to sophisticated software technology, the depiction takes place via
a virtually distortion-free, 360-degree, all-round projection.
Space required: a diameter of ca. 34 meters plus an additional safety zone, at
least 22 m high and with a solid foundation (load-bearing capacity of 3t/m2)
›magic globe‹ has recently been mobilized, among other things, for spec-
tacular Formula 1 events and within the scope of MTV events.

›magic globe‹ can be leased and installed in almost any place in the world
and heated in winter. We would be happy to draw up an individual leasing
offer for you.  See for yourself the overwhelming effect of ›magic globe‹ at our
website: www.vertigo-systems.com


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