›living surface‹ meets Volksbank Börde-Bernburg

virtual aquarium on display wall

Volksbank Börde-Bernburg starts the digital era of bank business with not less than three interactive installations based on ›living surface‹.

BANCO Projektentwicklungs GmbH & Co. KG created a modern branch with a comfortable setting which invites clients to stay and enjoy the inspiring atmosphere, even after the consultancy has finished.


virtual, interactive 3D aquarium
interactive wall with city view
games on interactive lamp

The entrance area, which is called „digital marketplace“ and the consultancy/meeting rooms all contribute to the interactive concept. This not only creates a living room-like atmosphere, but delivers key messages of the modern Volksbank such as quality, professionalism and being down to earth.

Two ›living walls‹ function as an eye-catcher for clients who enter the branch. It is possible to explore the city panorama and keywords of the Volksbank philosophy interactively. The impressing ›living aquarium‹ in the largest conference room acts as a source of inspiration and imagination – which anybody can experience.

The interactive pending lamp ›pepino XL‹ fits perfectly into the design and provides young and young-feeling clients with interactive table game classics like air hockey.

The interactive branch concept not only clears the path to a digital future – it shows that the Volksbank is already there!

Find more details regarding the new branch on the website of the project owner BANCO Projektentwicklungs GmbH & Co. KG.

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