Experience diversity and service - at the new service center of Stadtwerke Krefeld

interactive adventures in the showcase

How does a public provider for energy, water, waste management and public transportation present itself?

The answer of SWK Krefeld is: "just in passing"

14 m long interactive projection
large-scale interactive wall projection
the projection as an interactive showcase

SWK in Krefeld is one of the first public services in Germany which is TÜV-certified for customer service and -satisfaction. Needlessly to say that also the new service center of SWK & GSAK, located at Krefelder Ostwall, emphasizes customer service.

Personal consultation for energy and water supply, waste management and public transportation are all offered in a one-stop service. With the modern, half-round swung service desk nothing reminds of outdated ticket counters. The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming. All processes are very service focused.

The center’s special eye-catcher is the 14 meters long interactive projection on the front wall by vertigo systems. Just by passing, visitors can experience the wide service range of SWK. The ›living wall‹ projection was integrated accurately fitting in the room, with the hardware stored almost invisible in the ceiling.

At close distance, the brilliant graphic resolution of 13440 x 1080 pixels catches the eye. Pedestrians who take a look through the wide windows are enthusiastic about the big illuminated wall which extends to the entire depth of the room.


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